Applied Chest Imaging Laboratory

Genetic Epidemiology of COPD

Grant support: NIH/NHLBI R01HL089856

PI: Dr Edwin Kepner Silverman

Project Information:

In this competitive renewal, the major goal is to extend the COPDGene Study by performing five-year longitudinal follow-up visits with chest CT scans on all available COPDGene subjects.  To identify rare variants influencing COPD susceptibility, exome chip genotyping will be performed in all subjects, followed by whole genome sequencing in selected subjects and targeted replication sequencing.  The physiological, imaging, clinical, and genetic data will be used to develop a new classification system for COPD.  Dr. Silverman and Dr. James Crapo are the PIs of the Genetic Epidemiology of COPD. 

People Involved:

Dr. Samuel Yoffe Ash, Dr. Carolyn E. Come, Christopher Dale, Dr. Alejandro A. Diaz, Dr. Rola Harmouche, Dr. John Hokanson, Dr. Pietro Nardelli, Dr. Carrie Pistenmaa, Dr. Farbod Nicholas Rahaghi, Dr. James Ross, Dr. Raúl San José Estépar, Rubén San José Estépar, Dr. Gonzalo Vegas Sanchez-Ferrero, Dr. George R Washko


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