Applied Chest Imaging Laboratory

Computed Tomographic Characterization of Subjects Enrolled in the STATCOPE Investigation

Grant support: NIH/NHLBI 1R01HL107246

PI: Dr. George R. Washko

Project Information:

The goal of this project is to provide detailed objective measures of emphysema, airway disease, and vascular disease in a subset of subjects enrolled in the STATCOPE Investigation (a randomized trial of simvastatin or placebo for the prevention of AECOPD).  CT scans will be performed at baseline and study termination.  We may then be able to determine which subjects best respond to such therapeutic intervention and if statin therapy mitigates disease-related progression in CT measures of emphysema, airway, and vascular disease.

People Involved:

Dr. Samuel Yoffe Ash, Dr. Carolyn E. Come, Christopher Dale, Dr. Alejandro A. Diaz, Dr. Rola Harmouche, Dr. Farbod Nicholas Rahaghi, Dr. George R Washko


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