Applied Chest Imaging Laboratory

Image Core Services

Our imaging core services include:

  1. Protocol Specification: A standardized imaging Manual of Procedures (MOP) to be disseminated across all study sites.
  2. Training: Site-specific training for image acquisition, reconstruction and transfer to ensure the highest quality of data.
  3. Data Transfer: A secure and flexible method for image de-identification and transfer.
  4. Monitorization: On the fly image quality control to ensure data harmonization and minimize image-related adverse events (deviations from protocol, radiation exposure, etc.).
  5. Quantification: Quantitative image analytics tailored to the customer needs.
  6. Reporting: Structured database and accompanying data dictionary to enable data analytics by the team of investigators participating.
  7. Dissemination and study support: Ongoing investigator engagement through attendance of in-person and virtual investigator meetings with at-the-elbow support for data visualization and interpretation for presentations and publications.