Applied Chest Imaging Laboratory

Dr. James Ross

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a computer scientist with expertise in medical image analysis and machine learning. I received my BA in Physics from Amherst College, my MS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State, and my PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Northeastern University. After spending six years at GE Global Research within the Visualization and Computer Vision Lab, I joined the Laboratory of Mathematics in Imaging and the Surgical Planning Lab in 2008.

My research interests are twofold: at the patient-level scale, I am interested in the development of novel, image-based biomarkers of lung disease, including the computational algorithms that extract them. At the population-level scale, I am interested in developing probability models (specifically Bayesian nonparametric models) that identify lung disease subtypes based on how measures of disease progress as a function of exposure to causative or protective agents.

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